Overview - Thanks Bot

Thanks bot is a simple yet impactful peer-to-peer appreciation tool that helps you build a powerful culture of recognition!

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What makes it so special??

Say Thanks

Mention bot in Post or Comment

Follow 3 simple steps to say thanks -

  • Go to Write Post> section on Workplace or comment section in any post on Workplace
  • Type @Colleague Name @Thanks **your message**
  • Post


Say Thanks with Ecards and Attributes

Attributes are the identifying values for your company i.e, principles and ethics which guide and define your organization. You can add a set of attributes for your company and users can choose among them while appreciating in order to highlight a particular attribute demonstrated by their intended receiver.

A maximum of 8 attributes can be added.

For every attribute, admins can also add suitable eCards. Up to 8 eCards are allowed for each attribute.


Say Thanks with Image

When the user chooses to appreciate via Workchat, he/she can attach a personalised image. This can be used to further highlight the good work done by the recipient and amnplify the recognition process. This feature needs to be allowed by the admin in bot configuration. know more

You can also attach a image along with your appreciation


Thanks Received – Manager notification

This is a system-generated notification to the reporting manager of the recipient (of the appreciation)

Hi Komal Prasad, Gaurav Sharma has received a thank you message from Mahaveer Jain.
Congratulate Gaurav Sharma
Thanks Received – User notification

This is a system-generated notification to the recipient of the appreciation

Hi Gaurav Sharma, Congratulations on receiving thanks from Komal Prasad.
Inactive users

This is a system-generated notification to all the users who haven't used the thanks bot for appreciation in the last 30 days

Manager Stats Ping

This is system-generated notification to all managers for last 30 days stats for their teams

Participated(55) Non Participated(7)

Wall of Fame

You can view the mighty Wall-of-Fame in the Thanks bot chat window itself! This displays the leaderboard of Top Thanks Receivers. Also, you may view more about the appreciations given to the receivers by clicking on the user name. It will show you the details of the appreciations given (text, attributes shown, post link, etc.)

To view the 'Wall-of-fame' for your organisation, follow the steps below -

  • Go to the persistent menu of your Thanks bot chat window
  • Choose Actions
  • Choose Wall of Fame

Wall of Fame
Wall of Fame

Reports and Analytics

Thanks bot allows you to gather vivid insights and comprehensive reports.You can download the reports and dissect the data with various filters like location, date, department,etc.

Gamification is achieved through various Leaderboards like - Top Thanks givers, receivers, location,etc.


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