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add remove What is Thanks bot?

Thanks bot is an easy-to-use appreciation tool that enables instant expression of gratitude inWorkplace.

There are two ways in which you can thank your colleagues –

Via Workplace posts/comments
  • Step 1. Go to “Write Post” section/comment section on any post in Workplace
  • Step 2. Type @Colleague Name @Thanks **your message**
  • Step 3. Post
Via Workchat
  • Step 1. Go to the Thanks bot chat window
  • Step 2. Type #thanks
  • Step 3. Enter the email of the colleague you wish to thank followed by your message
  • Step 4. Choose an attribute with an eCard(available only if you have selected a single attribute). You can also choose to attach a personalised image along with your appreciation.

Yes, you can thank peers, sub-ordinates, superiors across locations and functions.

Yes, when a thanks is triggered, an immediate notification (in his/her @Workchat window) is sent to the recipient’s reporting manager.

The leaderboard is a system generated data board that provides information about the top Thanks receivers and the top Thanks givers in the last 30 days. This information is posted to the Workplace groups that are specified by the Workplace admin.

Yes, when you choose to appreciate via Workchat, you can attach a personalised image. This feature needs to be allowed by the admin in bot configuration.

Attributes are the identifying values for your company i.e, principles and ethics which guide your organization. You can add a set of attributes for your company and users can choose them while appreciating in order to highlight a particular attribute demonstrated by their intended receiver.