Thanks Bot

Build a powerful culture of recognition through this peer to peer appreciation feature
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Appreciation in Workplace pots/comments

It is super convenient and saves you the hassle of logging into a separate recognition portal. You can appreciate through post or comments by typing @ThanksBot @NameOfYourColleague. Yes, that simple

Company Values and E-cards

Share your appreciation with more than just words! Now, you can thank a colleague through Workplace chat by typing #thanks followed by the email id of the colleague. Also, you can attach values you think were exhibited by the receiver and also grace your message with the available eCards (as customized for your company). A post will be created in Workplace with the attachments and your message.

Manager notification

Thanks receiver gets an instant notification on his/her Workplace chat. Managers are also notified about the thanks received by their team members through Workplace chat!

Monthly Leaderboard and reminders

Thanks bot creates a monthly post publishing the Thanks Leader board which consists of the Top Thanks givers and receivers for the month. Also, it reminds the reporting managers and employees who haven't thanked in the last 30 days to thanks someone!

Notification and Visibility configurations

Admins can configure the name of the thanks leader board, posting group, manage nudge reminders, monthly stats notifications and more!

Reports and Analytics

Thanks bot allows you vivid insights into the appreciation culture in your organization. Access a wide variety of dashboards to measure the usage and engagement with drill down capability; it helps you view Organization, Business Units all the way down to People Manager level metrics.