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Library Redefined

See how klib: the kwench Corporate Library Platform is bringing a paradigm shift to the concept of conventional corporate libraries.

White Papers


Corporate Networks go Social

The unprecedented adoption of social networking tools in the day-to-day lives of millions of people across the globe has impacted the corporate world.



Halloween Special: Scary Myths about Employee Engagement

Download this fun Halloween special ebook to accost the five scary myths about employee engagement. (Has a special page of all five scary myths to printout and pin on your desk - so that you are never afraid of them ever!)

Enterprise Gamification: Beyond the badges (and the hype)

Gamification is on the rise and everybody is talking about it. But does gamification hold the potential to yield results in the business world or is it just another fad?

Transforming Long Service Awards

Gold watches, Embossed Pens, a lunch with the chief executive have for many years been the traditional long-service awards granted to employees in recognition of their loyalty to their employer.

Social Recognition: Transforming Employee Recognition

Workforces today are Connected, Mobile, Global and Multi-Generational. When planned and implemented smartly, social recognition in the workplace can have a significant impact on individuals and teams alike through empowerment, motivation and inclusion.

Using Rewards and Recognition to inculcate Company Culture

One of the key challenges faced by companies is to create awareness among its workforce to adhere to corporate values. While there is no silver bullet to achieve this, there are several factors that can positively impact this.

A culture of recognition for small business

Startups and small businesses have small teams handling multiple functions. There are multiple challenges, fires to be extinguished, and of course dents to be made in the universe! Its easy to forget the people that make it all happen!

Automating Rewards and Recognition

Companies with R&R programs which are managed manually by HR often suffer from inefficiencies, accounting errors and process delays.

Driving Employee Engagement through R&R in the BFSI Sector

The finance industry in India is currently going through a sea-change. Industry disruptors like a generational shift, rise of digital technologies, complex regulatory changes, rise of FinTech companies are forcing leaders in the BFSI sector to reinvent business strategies. Take a look at how kudos helps companies in the BFSI meet their current HR challenges

Critical Success Factors for Employee Rewards and Recognition Programs

Your employee recognition program becomes a solid strategic initiative when it provides employees with an understanding of how the company goals translate into their daily work and when the program consistently reinforces the positive behaviours required to achieve those objectives.

Power of Real Time Analytics in Employee Recognition

The employee recognition efforts typically lack robust reporting and measurement, resulting in little governance and reportable ROI.

Recognition over Rewards as a driver of Motivation!

Traditionally companies have been focused on the Rewards part of Employee Rewards and Recognition. per employee rewards budgets,reward workflows and approvals have been the core concern of most programs. Peer to peer non-monetary recognition has not received its due in such programs.

Overcoming the appreciation drought at your workplace

Everybody knows that recognition drives engagement, but there is a shockingly lax approach towards timely recognition at the workplace. A majority of the work force feels underappreciated, an overwhelmignly large portion of the workforce feels they could have done much more to recognize others. So what is missing?

Branding Rewards and Recognition

The success of Rewards and Recognition programs depends on the values and emotions employees associate with the concept and the initiative. It is thus essential to invest in creating a concept that has universal recall across the organization.

Driving Employee Engagement through Rewards and Recognition in the BPO/KPO sectors

The BPO/KPO industry has traditionally suffered from a much higher attrition compared to other services companies. In addition to the ultra-competitive space, companies in this space also have to deal with the challenges of appealing to a muti-generational workforce, teams working across multiple time-zones and geographies and high-stress assignments.



Do People Really Read Everything Online?

It's a popular notion these days to dismiss books and with the ubiquitous presence of mobile computing devices, dedicated e-Readers and Tablets one would expect that is indeed the case. But is it really so?

Successful People Do It At Night!

Don't let the Tongue-in-Cheek title mislead you. This article points you to all the proof you need that reading is good for you.

The exciting new Kwench Library: Overview

The kwench library is more than just a platform to borrow books! Download this quick guide to all the cool stuff in the best thing to happen to libaries since the Dewey Classification System

Case Studies


Improving employee engagement – Social Recognition

Rewards and recognition is a key pillar of any employee engagement strategy of a company. Administering an R&R program in an innovative and seamless manner is a key challenge for a company. Learn how Kwench partnered with a large KPO with a young workforce to launch its end-to-end R&R platform.

Hi Fliers © - Motivating your frontline

In a competitive environment, a motivated frontline staff could make the difference between success and failure for an organisation. Hence successful organisations place a premium on robust channel management strategies. No channel management strategy can be complete without an effective rewards and recognition component.

Case Studies


Complimenting physical libraries

Learn how Kwench partnered with a leading BFSI major to enhance the quality of the services that the company was already offering its employees through a full-fledged in house library facility.

FREE Employee Engagement Surveys

For teams and organizations of all sizes

Why is it important to measure Employee Engagement?

Everyone wants to be engaged at the workplace, right? After all, if you’re going to spend a majority of your waking hours at work you should want to feel excited about being there.

Employee engaged is predicated on understanding how many of your employees are truly excited about working for you. Are your employees happy? Are they satisfied with their benefits and day-to-day demands? Do they feel adequately recognized? Stop guessing and find out with our FREE employee engagement survey.

What can you measure with this employee survey?

Employee surveys are valuable for learning about several topics, all of them directly related to employee morale, satisfaction, and engagement with the company.

Recognition, compensation, managers’ performance, career development, work environment: These are all areas you can investigate in depth with our bespoke employee engagement survey.

How can you deploy this survey?

We have a pre-configured FREE survey set that can be activated for your employees with no additional effort. We will provide you the survey link and you can circulate it internally or if you prefer so, we can send out the emails as well. At the end of the survey period we will provide you with a dashboard that highlights the overall scores on various dimensions.

For custom corporate branding, modified questions, internal campaigns to boost participation and custom analysis we provide support at a nominal charge.

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How do I get started?

If you are a business leader/HR leader with the authority to conduct such a survey within the organization, please click on the button below (or send an email to outreach@kwench.in) outlining your interest.

Please do mention the following in the email:

1. Your Designation,

2. Your contact number,

3. By when you would like to conduct the survey and

4. Indicative employee base on which you would like to deploy the survey - this can be a small team of 10 or an entire organization of 100,000+. This will help us better understand how the surveys can be best deployed.