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Rewards and Recognition Platform for motivating your employees

Comprehensive rewards and recognition platform

Leverage the power of Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud technologies and Gamification

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Empower every employee to instantly recognize positive behaviour and performance globally

Platform features

True social recognition is through the overlap of giving, receiving and participating in recognition given to others. Leverage familiarity and comfort with social tools in day to day lives of employees to drive recognition at the workplace.

Our platform helps companies dramatically decrease the workload of managing their Rewards and Recognition programs through automation. Set up company specific rewards along with unique approval workflows for each reward, automate service anniversary awards and birthday wishes and allocate budgets to Business Units and/or People Managers.

Access advanced drill down capability to view Organization, Business Unit all the way down to People Manager level metrics. Export the data in graphical/spreadsheet formats for customized presentations.

Access to a vast catalogue of gift vouchers globally, covering everything from merchandise to experiences. Our deep integrations with leading brands globally enables us to deliver voucher codes instantly to the recipients.

Seamlessly integrate with leading HRMS systems (e.g. Workday, Success Factors) for automatic data-synchronization, SSO. We also integrate with office collaboration platforms (e.g. SharePoint, Yammer) and integrate with intranets too.

Designed for
small and large
enterprises, alike


The kwench Corporate Library platform brings a paradigm shift to the concept of the conventional corporate library. We enable companies to provide their employees access to thousands of books across 40+ categories without the hassles of maintaining and upgrading an in-house library.

By using our library solution you save substantially on administration effort, on valuable real estate, investments in books to keep the library relevant, people, process and technology costs. Kwench Library is used and loved by employees in over 500 companies across India.

Employees can access large collection of books, magazines and regional language books to meet their professional and personal development needs.

The cloud based platform combined with physical warehouses and delivery capabilities across India brings unparalleled convenience to the employees by bringing the service right to their desks.

Our easy to implement platform makes it very easy for the company to activate the service across any number of locations. Our super-efficient process of delivery and retrieval of books creates a hassle free experience for the engagement teams in companies.

Several of our clients regularly feature as preferred employers and they acknowledge providing access to Kwench Library as one of their top Employee Engagement initiatives.

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